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Personal Training

Achieve your goals with a personal training program designed just for you by an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  In addition to holding college degrees and the highest credentials in the field, our trainers have over 20 years of experience training a wide variety of individuals, from Division 1 athletes to seniors citizens.  By placing as special emphasis on continuing education, our trainers are on the cutting edge of the safest and most effective training techniques rather than fads and quick fixes.  

One-on-one, partner and private small group training options are available to suit your specific needs and budget!

One on One Personal Training

30-Minute Single Session: $45.00Ten 30-Minute Sessions: $400.00

Partner Training

30-Minute Single Session:  $50.00 ($25.00 per person)Ten 30-Minute Sessions: $450.00 ($225.00 per person)

Private Group Training

30-Minute Single Session:  3 people, $20.00 per person4 people, $17.00 per person5 or more people, $15.00 per person

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