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Core Fitness Inc

As a gym that prioritizes service and quality over gimmicks and advertising, Core Fitness has flown under the radar, consistently growing their client base for Over 20 years simply through results and word of mouth. How can we continue to grow and compete in an area with fitness facilities on every block? Read on to see how we are different!


First and foremost, Core Fitness does not base their success on how much weight clients lose or how much weight they lift, but upon improving and maintaining the health of their clients through scientifically designed programs created by certified trainers. All training certifications are not created equal. Husband and wife team, Matt and Katie Szep, owners of Core Fitness hold certifications as Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In addition to this prestigious certification, they also both hold Bachelor’s degrees and numerous other certifications including personal training, group fitness, sports nutrition, CrossFit, Spin and more. Their education and over 20-years of experience as professionals in the industry help them to keep their clients injury-free by avoiding trendy and risky fitness fads and sticking to scientifically proven effective and safe programs.


Core Fitness strives to create a supportive and friendly atmosphere in which everyone works toward their own goals, whatever they may be. The combination of their education and experience enables Core Fitness trainers to address the needs of every client whether in a class, group training or one-on-one sessions. The supportive and judgement-free atmosphere at Core Fitness allows clients of varying fitness levels and abilities to feel safe and comfortable during every workout.


In addition to training for their sport, most athletes nowadays are encouraged or even required to participate in speed, agility and strength training. Team coaches often make the mistake of attempting to implement such programs themselves or contracting trainers who are often unqualified to teach such specialized training. The NSCA “Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist” (CSCS) credential, held by the Core Fitness trainers, is that which is required by institutions to train athletes at the collegiate level. The certification requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field, successful completion of a comprehensive written and practical exam, and extensive continuing education requirements every two years. In addition to the NSCA credential, Core Fitness trainers bring to their athletic training program more than 20-years of experience training athletes of every level including division I and professional athletes. Core Fitness strives to keep their athletes “on the field” by employing the same philosophy toward their athletes as they do toward all their clients: improve and maintain the health of the individual while increasing their performance.


The Core Fitness group training schedule includes a variety of strength and functional training sessions for the general population as well as specialized training for athletes, children and seniors. Core Fitness also offers a cardiovascular fitness schedule that includes Spin™, Step, Bootcamp Beats, Trifit, Cardio Kickboxing and more. Classes run seven days a week.  In 2020 a comprehensive virtual training program was added to our services including live Zoom training and video subscriptions for adults, kids and athletes.


Core Fitness is not a health club, but a group training facility in which all clients are guided toward their personal fitness goals. Clients may choose to pay per class/training session or for monthly training packages. At Core Fitness, there are no membership contracts or automatic billing. The quality of training is what maintains the Core Fitness clientele, not long-term contracts or sales gimmicks.

We invite you to drop in to take a class any time!  

Please contact us with any questions at 

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